Hot Air Balloon Over Israel - with Touch the Sky

Have you ever wanted to touch the sky?
Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird gently gliding through the skies?
Well it's time for your Hot Air Balloon Adventure over Israel with Touch the SkyCompany...
This is a great and affordable way to get in the air above the Israeli desert at the South or the amazing Gilboa Mountainarea at the North.
We do our best to create a fun and a safety exciting environment for all.  Beginning at dawn (5:00am summer 6:00 winter) the hot air balloon ride over Israel lasts up to 50-80 minutes (depending on the conditions). 
The balloon accommodates 4 to 10 participants.
It is possible to do 2 rounds of around 50-60 minutes each in case of a bigger group than 10 people.
We follow this flight with a champagne toast and a gourmet traditional breakfast.
Expect the balloon ride and post-flight breakfast to last three to four hours.
Price: 900-1000 NIS per person.
Restrictions: No children under age 6.
No pregnant women